G I V E   L I F E   F O R   Y O U R   I D E A S


S2 Design, since 2000 is working with a professional team composed of Architects, Surveyors and Designers who have gained their knowledge in different environments, extending its expertise in various areas.

Our working method provides full assistance and information of the client, from beginning to end, in all the various decision-making stages.

We can get to the highest possible definition of the project before they begin any work, avoiding mistakes and extra expenses, ensuring through design drawings, 3D models and compute metric very detailed estimation, the maximum clarity to the customer.

Professionisti e creativi, appassionati dell'ecologia, dell'arte, del design e dell'architettura.
We turn your ideas into concrete projects!

Arch. Stefano Scilingo

Scilingo Stefano (1971) graduated in architecture at the Politecnico di Milano with Industrial Design address in 1999. Architect Designer & egrave; attentive to detail, it deals with the design and renovations and beyond.