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Real estate

Esse2Design offers its customers to build on their property in order to speed up the sale or rental

Intervening on the image and give a different perspective to the prospective buyer.

How many times you came across low-quality photos, floor plans unclear and unrealistic descriptions?
Carrying out a survey with electronic instrumentation with simultaneous drafting of architectural floor plan and realizing high-definition you can get more clarity for those who buy.

How many times the likely buyers think the additional costs for a possible restructuring after viewing the property and do not make proposals?
Intervening graphically, using a probable restructuring includes expenses to be incurred by drafting 2D floor plans, 3D simulations using all this is possible.


Inspection and survey was done
Check cadastral plan adequacy and attested presence of energy performance
Drawing 2D floor plan
Photos in high definition.

Studio apartment € 145,00 - 2 locals € 195,00

3 locals € 245,00 - 4 locals € 295,00

5 or + locals € 345,00 - Villa € 495,00

Additional services:
Alignment was done with building practice and cadastral plan
Energy Performance Certificate
Project design, with floor plan 2D/3D
Estimate of the costs future intervention
Simulation 3D

Building lands

Bring more clarity to the prospective buyer prospettandogli what can be achieved on the entire batch.

- Feasibility study and documentation recovery among public bodies;
- Planovolumetrici calculations;
- Architectural concept design;
- Preparation of project plans;
- 3D model and render photo-realistic.

(hypothesis 1: advance € 500,00 balance due from the buyer equal to x of the sale if the buyer signs the contract for the construction of anything balance works)

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